Van Hook Guide Service Walleye Fishing Report
Van Hook Boat Ramps and Docks
June 17, 2018

Yes, there are plenty of boat ramps
and docks at Van Hook. All ramps
are in great shape with plenty of
water. Docks are all in, with one "U"
dock. Lookin' great!  If you have a
chance, stop in and thank Justin for
a job well done. It is a lot of work!
Lake Sakakawea Water Levels
June 17, 2018

We have water, lots of water. Lake level
has been rising lots every day. We're
already over 1851 msl and still rising. The
rise has slowed some with inflow dropping
to 91,000 this morning. It was over a
hundred thousand. Still coming up, for
probably two more weeks.
 Looks to me like
we will have much higher water this summer
than last. Hopefully not another 2011.
Don't forget, you can keep an eye on the
water levels by checking the corps web site
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
Missouri River Basin, Water
Management Division.
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Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
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Van Hook Fishing Report
June 17th, 2018

It's just going to keep getting better from here. Fishing is extremely good
and they aren't all here yet. Lots of big walleye being caught, many over
25 inches. We have easily been keeping limits of 18 to 20 inch fish daily
and releasing the bigger fish. There is a great bite in the Flag Point and
Shell Creek area, as well as most anywhere in Van Hook. The fish are
still on the move, so where they were yesterday, is not necessarily the
location for today. If you see a bunch of boats, they're probably catching
fish. Leave the boats and go find another spot with fish and you'll have
lots more excitement!
Lots of nice walleye being taken, so go have some
fun! Remember, use your electronics to find fish, they work far better
than binoculars. If you're having trouble catching quality walleye, come
on over and ask. I'll be happy to help you out.
Please remember, not every boater out there is supremely skilled. If
someone is having trouble, please be patient, or offer a hand. Have fun,
and most of all, be safe out there!