Van Hook Guide Service Walleye Fishing Report
Van Hook Boat Ramps and Docks
Aug 13, 2020

There are plenty of boat ramps and
docks at Van Hook. All ramps are in
great shape with plenty of water.
Docks are all in, with two new shore
docks to replace the old "U" dock.  
Lake elevation is perfect for both
breakwaters to work as designed.
The west breakwater now has a
walking path for shore fisherman.
Another great addition by our resort
staff.   If you have a chance, stop in
and thank Justin for a job well done. It
is a lot of work!
Lake Sakakawea Water Levels
Aug 13, 2020

And here we are, right where we should
be for a "normal" year. Lake level has
peaked and is now
going down steadily,
at about 1842 msl. Although the
lake seems low, it really is right about
where it should be in a "normal" year.
Don't forget, you can keep an eye on the
water levels by checking the corps web
site at  
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
Missouri River Basin, Water
Management Division.
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Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
Van Hook Fishing Report
Aug 13, 2020

System wide the report sounds the same.
Fishing has gotten much
tougher. There are still a few fish to be had in the "Arm" but most have
headed south. Think Shell Village, Pouch, Independence etc. Start your
search in the 25 to 35 ft range. Lindy's and crawlers are still good,
sometimes with a Smiley Blade.
I think we may have been spoiled by the
fishery the last couple of years. There are some big fish coming in and
being butchered. How about releasing those "bigguns" and let them make
babies with big fish genes? By the way, did you know it's estimated a 22
inch fish is 4 lbs and 6 to 7 years old? They've been accumulating
Mercury (Hg) for those years and are far more toxic than an 18 inch fish.
How many of you remember the Mad Hatter? If you don't, look up what
made him "mad". Remember, use your electronics to find fish; they work
far better than binoculars. If you're having trouble catching quality
walleye, come on over and ask. I'll be happy to help you out. If someone
is having trouble, please be patient, or offer a hand. Have fun and, most
of all, be safe out there!