Van Hook Guide Service Walleye Fishing Report
Van Hook Boat Ramps and Docks
August 1, 2017

 Did you ever think there would be
too much water? Well, one of our
"U" docks had to be pulled because
of high water. There just isn't any
place to anchor it.    Otherwise all is
well.  If you have a chance stop in
and thank Justin for a job well done.
It is a lot of work!
Lake Sakakawea Water Levels
August 1, 2017

We have had such a great summer with
perfect water levels. We are holding pretty
steady just above 1846 msl. I think this is
the highest steady water level we've had
since 2011. With the water level steady, the
fish are very predictable. What more could
we ask for?    
Don't forget, you can keep an eye on the
water levels by checking the corps web site
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:
Missouri River Basin, Water
Management Division.
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Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
Van Hook Guide Service
Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota
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Van Hook Fishing Report
August 1st, 2017

Fishing is not as amazing as it was a couple of weeks ago, but it is still
great!  Lots of limits coming in every day from all over the lake. We are
simply catching fish everywhere. Not all, but a lot of the fish have gone
deeper. Most being from 24 to 30 feet deep. If you get a breezy day,
move more shallow, but most days the deep structure is hold a lot of nice
fish. Best bait is still a bottom bouncer, with a three to four foot leader,
jook, and a half crawler or a leech. Get a good lake map then Just go find
a hump away from other boats and have a ball. Remember, use your
electronics to find fish, they work far better than binoculars. If you're
having trouble catching quality walleye, come on over and ask. I'll be
happy to help you out.

Please remember, not every boater out there is supremely skilled. If
someone is having trouble, please be patient, or offer a hand. Have fun,
and most of all, be safe out there!